Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is a fantastic review of the new Shiflet LPs. "There is no overt passion of any sort in Shiflet’s extreme close-ups of harsh textures, no drama in the churning, processed strings, no sentiment in the long pans over softer-textured aural surfaces, just as there is no emotion in the beautifully rendered close-ups of somebody’s palms on the front and back sleeves." Awesome!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Riso Print Gocco

Mega bummer. I had a project idea for the Summer that requires me to break out my Riso Print Gocco.

If you are unfamiliar, it is a small and simple home screen printing kit. A friend once described it as the Easy Bake Oven of screen printing. I first learned about it from Twig Harper of Nautical Alminac who used it to print tape covers. I got one in college and used it to make arm bands, t-shirts, art, and tape covers. A few years ago, I used it to make the invitations for my wedding. It is a great tool with a lot of possible applications.

With this Summer project in mind, I checked my supplies a few weeks ago to find that I am out of bulbs and screens. The bulbs are single-use flash bulbs that expose the screens, burning the image into them. I finally got around to checking the internet today to see about ordering some supplies. To my horror, the company has discontinued all of the Gocco supplies. They sent out the last of the supplies to retailers in 2009: the year I made our wedding invitations.


Anyway, here is some info on the Print Gocco as well as resources for people who are attempting to keep it alive.