Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Improvised Evening of Improvised Music (of Autoschediastic Doom) II featuring improv legends, Jack Wright and Bob Marsh!

Today · 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Legion of Doom
1579 Indianola Ave.
Columbus, OH

Inspired by Jack and Bob's tour, there will be an informal meeting of artists with disparate backgrounds in experimental, noise and electro-acoustic music who have developed a relationship with "improvisation". Possible groupings from solos to septet will be formed the night of the concert, occasionally bringin...g together long time collaborators in addition to many first time encounters.

The session will start promptly at 9:00.
$5 suggested donation for the touring musicians
All ages. No booze.

The players:
Ben Bennett (membranes, Columbus, OH)
Ryan Jewell (snare, Columbus, OH)
Larry Marotta (guitar, Columbus, OH)
Bob Marsh (guitar/ voice, Bay Area, CA)
Mike Shiflet (laptop/ electronics, Columbus, OH)
Jack Wright (saxes, Easton, PA)
Jason Zeh (tape, Bowling Green, OH)

Ben: http://milmin.nixsyspaus.org/
Ryan: www.myspace.com/ryanxing
Larry: www.larrymarotta.com
Bob: http://www.myspace.com/bobisadoctor
Mike: http://editionsshiflet.blogspot.com/
Jack: www.springgardenmusic.com
Jason: http://www.last.fm/music/Jason+Zeh

Here's some info about the touring musicians:

Jack and Bob have been playing together at least annually since they met in Detroit in 1986, their duo transforming over time as their music has developed. In 2002 they toured the West Coast and released the recordings on Public Eyesore records as Birds in the Hand. They have toured on the East and West Coast and the Midwest, most recently connecting in the Bay Area. Their music has shifted from a huge web of notes and fast-shifting directions on conventional instruments to sound and space, with Bob playing electronics and distorted voice....yet still they are indelibly the same duo.

"When two legends of American improvised music decide to share with us the space of a moment, their passion for the duo, we can only be curious, then won over. The saxophonist Jack Wright remains the most indispensable musician of his generation. A true catalyst of energy, indefatigable explorer, conjurer of white magic in a music inspired by black, he is still the reference par excellence for all the generations who have followed. As for Bob Marsh, he can be described as an agitator of the American alternative scene. Showing up everywhere, from California to Chicago, he brings his freshness and vigor of renewal to all projects in which he participates. We can understand from this past why he is still so courted. Birds in the Hand includes all the qualities and surprises we can expect, with a bonus of rare humor and complicity."---From Sebastian Moig, writing for Jazzosphere no. 19 (a French publication)

For more info on the two of them visit http://www.springgardenmusic.com/jack-bob_marsh_duo.htm
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