Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I finally finished the artwork for my cassette entitled "Polarity" on Handmade Birds. I think that I might want to photograph it in a different setting and with different light. The texture of the wall and glossy paint in the background bother me as does the warmth of the light. I think I want to try it on a smooth, matte, wall with slightly cooler light. We will see. Either way, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. This one is a pretty new approach for me. When adding color to these pieces, I usually only place different colors in spots that are fully closed in with black borders. I will credit Robert Motherwell's "Opens" series with some of the inspiration for this new approach. In the same way that "Polarity" is marking a turn in a new direction that I have been exploring in a live setting as well lately, this piece is an early sketch for a larger score that I am working on to eventually use as a visual component to accompany my live performances of this new work. For an example of this new direction check out this video that David Russell took at last weekend's Audio Visual Baptism in Cleveland, Ohio.

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