Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crow With No Mouth

The always astute and eloquent Jesse Goin has posted a nice essay about the Startless release Circulation Decay as well as my Brombron collaboration with Ben Gwilliam entitled Dots. The piece can be found at Goin's Crow With No Mouth blog.
Below is a taste, but be sure to check out the rest of the blog for specifics about the two releases mentioned above. Also, be sure to browse through Goin's other writing. His blog exhibits consistently high quality analysis of both recorded work and live performance. Additionally, through his Crow With No Mouth Productions, Goin curates a really top notch performance series.
"Jason Zeh has been focused for some years on making intimate, meticulously crafted sound works by every means possible within the medium of cassettes. He has looped, posted, manipulated, burned, frozen and punctured magnetic tape in compositions that, should you give them your close attention, reveal hermetic, muted worlds of endless, super-saturated detail and activity. Zeh's skeins and spools of sound almost always play out around a hushed, submerged column of smokey droneage, Zeh bending, warping and mangling the details as they appear and float away.

Magnetic tape has conveyed musical content for so long, the lineage of musicians who have turned their sights and manipulative hands on the medium itself are really few and far between [Zeh's contemporaries, limiting the field to instrumentation, are most notably Howard Stelzer and Stephen Clover, a.k.a. Seht]. Zeh shares aspects of an overlapping sensibility with Jason Lescalleet and, specifically in his predilection for nearly entombing rich sonic details in tape-murk, Graham Lambkin."

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