Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sony WM-D6C

So, I just scored a couple of these in a trade with a friend. I am super excited about them for a number of reasons. First, they seem to be widely accepted as the best compact cassette recorder ever made. Second, they have speed control. The range of speed variability is fairly limited, but it is super nice nonetheless. Third, the record and play in stereo. Fourth, they have a line in and line out. This should allow for less line hum than my lower quality tape decks have when I play live. Fourth, they look and feel great. They are super sturdy. Since these are early models, probably from the mid 80s, they might need some repairs and tune-ups. So, I wanted to begin compiling a list of links about the device so that I can come back to them later as I continue to familiarize myself with them. I am anticipating that these beauties will provide a lot of satisfaction. I think that I might spend some time working on becoming more adept with repairing these so that I can try to score some others for cheap if they come up.

Here are some more photos I posted to my Tumblr, What Were Tapes.

Service Manual

Repair Service: This place may or may not still be in business.

User's Manual

Background info

More info

Compatible mics

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