Friday, September 28, 2012

Chondritic Sound

Greh Holger finished a mock up of the artwork for my new cassette, "Jitters," that he is putting out on Chondritic Sound. The finished J-Card will likely be gray on metallic orange paper, but the image below gives an idea of what it will look like. It should look pretty awesome when it is done. The image that you see below is kind of a collaboration between Greh and I. Years ago, just before he moved to California, Greh and I had discussed doing a Xerox art collaboration together. I sent him some scraps of my work to play around with and nothing ever came of that. We had been talking about having him do a tape for me for many more years. I think it might have been 2005 when he first asked me to send him a master. Life got away from me and I never got around to actually doing it until about 6 months ago. When we started talking about cover art, I suggested that he try working with some of the material I had sent him in 2009 or 2010. Below is the result. Some of it is manipulated material from me. Some of it is stuff that Greh made from a sculpture he xeroxed. All of it is run through the standard Chondritic Sound process. For as long as I have known Greh, his label has always produced beautiful stuff. The artwork is always printed on really nice paper and his releases have a refreshingly cohesive aesthetic. Sadly, he no longer prepares the releases by closing them in a box of burning incense. But, the result is still cool.

I recently posted a video with a sound sample. Here it is again.

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