Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Show In KCK


Thursday, November 29th
556 Central Avenue Kansas City Kansas

$5 to help out the touring acts.

 Piper Harrow: KC's Piper Harrow breaks, smashes, and regurgitates songs and collaborates with a wide array of like-minded miscreants in the area.

Time and Temperature: Val sings beautiful and haunting songs about lesbian nuns and other stuff. She is on tour from Columbus, OH. You can sample and buy her music on her Bandcamp page

John Bellows: From Chicago, Bellows brings tender, psychedelic, grunge-folk. He has a recent LP on Moniker Records. Follow the link for a sound sample or, check out this video.

Jason Zeh: This recent transplant to Kansas City plays extended technique cassette music. Recent work has appeared on Chondritic Sound and Handmade Birds.

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