Tuesday, February 5, 2013


That interview that I mentioned was posted here. I name-dropped a lot of friends. If you are reading this, consider checking to see if you were mentioned.

A lot of times people seem to think that focusing on tape, either for releasing music or for making music, is primarily based on nostalgia. Many people have a very teleological concept of recorded media and recording technologies: that we are all working toward two goals. The first is convenience and the second is a perfect transparency of the medium so that the listener can hear a faithful representation of the sound as intended. When these values are assumed to be the obvious, right, ones, the only other logical explanation for sticking with tape is nostalgia or simply being contrarian. My approach to using tape to produce and release music that is largely divorced from nostalgia. I have been thinking a lot lately about why I believe tape technology is relevant to artistic practice now. There are so many other technologies that are more flexible, and that produce a cleaner result. So, why would someone stick with this outmoded and incredibly frustrating medium?

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  1. Oi, I must have missed this when you posted it initially. Always great to hear and read your thoughts on things and thanks for the shout out.