Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Vacant Lot To Be In currently available.

Here is the  info from the label.

Order now from CIP

I'm overjoyed to announce that the regular edition of this LP is ready to ship; see below for information on the artist edition.

CIP24: Jason Zeh: A Vacant Lot To Be In LP
edition of 300 copies, silkscreened back sleeve and mounted risography image on the cover.
$16 ppd in the US; if you're overseas, inquire first for shipping costs.

Jason Zeh is a hands-down master of cassette tape and cassette playback devices. Using magnets, metal, plastic, car stereo tape adapters, cassette players without tape, cassette tape loops, modified tape decks, and sand paper (among other devices), Zeh creates two tracks that swim through hiss, grit, and wavering, fractured soundwaves to create some of the most engaging audio I've had the pleasure to hear.

This recording reflects not only Zeh’s dedication to mastering and refining his source material of choice, but also a drive to explore and mine new facets of that source material for some truly rewarding audio.

Artist Edition:

There is an artist editon, but please note IT IS NOT YET AVAILABLE; as it's the end of the semester, both Jason and I are a bit slammed with student needs, and the production and assembly process takes a bit of time. However, here are the details and the pricing.

the artist edition includes:
--a cassette with an alternate mix of side 2 one one side and a reworking of source material on the other
--a vhs tape of video treatments Jason has been working on; very much a visual interpretation of his audo processes (approx 20 minutes)
--a combination cloth / custom wallpaper wall hanging wrapping the entire release (featuring, naturally, Jason's distinctive artwork)

this will be limited to 33 signed copies; it is $33 US; again, overseas folks please contact me first.

people are welcome to reserve an artist copy, but please DO NOT send payment until I shoot you a confirmation email--the artist edition should be available by mid- to late- May at the latest.

A Vacant Lot To Be In from Jason Zeh on Vimeo.

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