Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Vacant Lot To Be In Review On Vital Weekly


The other new record on CIP is by Jason Zeh, of whom I first heard on the same label, and whose work since then has my interest. Zeh is one of the few people I know who uses extensively cassette tapes, processed in extreme conditions, to create some excellent musique concrete from a very lo-fi point of view. Tape is treated with paint, dirt, needles, sand papers, but also tape recorders are subject to similar modifications, and all of these processed recordings are put together with some great effect. Two pieces, one per side and each is described on the cover, such as 'all sounds derived from cassette loops of varying lengths stretched between modified tape decks. Magnets, splicing tape, sand paper and magnetized knife blades have been used to slowly dismantle the recorded source material' and that's what happens over the twenty minutes of 'Cycles Of Doubt'. That piece is throughout quite a drone like affair, whereas 'A Vacant Lot To Be In' is a slow growing animal, reaching it's forceful peak at one point, buzzing loudly with tons of hiss, in a might crescendo ending the piece. Excellent stuff, carved into an analogue medium for optimum playback. (FdW)
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