Saturday, October 8, 2011

Toledo: Oct. 9th

Don't forget that it is the Robinwood Concert House's 3rd anniversary and Gabe is having a lot of shows to celebrate.

I will be playing with Seeded Plain and DBH this Sunday, October 9th.

Here is the info from the Toledo Bellows Blog

Seeded Plain
Nebraska improvised music duo Seeded Plain performs pieces shaped by the possibilities suggested by the instruments they’ve built, graphic scores, and in response to collaborators. Founded in 2007 by Bryan Day and Jay Kreimer, Seeded Plain has performed throughout the Midwest US and Europe. Their first release ‘Land Tracts’ was released in 2008 to positive critical reviews in North America and Europe. Their upcoming release ’2′ will be available this year on Creative Sources. Seeded Plain is currently working with Nebraska playwright and director Robert Stewart on the soundtrack for his upcoming play Inferno Terra Firma.

Somewhere between broken jazz and drone, DBH is Justin Rhody’s junk-improv act which features him and a revolving cast of characters (who all often play multiple instruments) from Bloomington, IN, its about to get strange (r)

Jason Zeh
Always poised and deliberately patient with his machines, Zeh’s conceptual take on tape music or musique concrete has evolved into more of a aural ,surgical performance, with a kind of blind map of sounds sources feeding into a heart ,or his mixer. Zeh’s drones and pulses, shift and disintegrate, eventually set off course with a meticulous manipulation of his machines functions.

I am going to be performing the new work that I have been trying out live recently. So, if you have been bored of seeing my sets lately, you can come to this one to be bored in an entirely new way.

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